30th April 2019

Large round balloons are really popular for so many occasions. Until recently the naturally round shape was only available in a 3 ft or larger diameter. These balloons really make a statement and are ideal when air filled and dropped onto large crowds of people for them to knock around stadiums and large concert halls but due to their size they become quite expensive when you want them filled with helium as part of a floating decoration. This is why the 2ft round balloon is so fantastic. They are still large enough to make a statement, still have the naturally round shape, still come in a large range of colours and float for more than a day (if fully inflated) but the balloons themselves are cheaper and they only use 25% of the helium – which saves you a fortune! This makes them a win win win for you, your event and your budget and our #1 best selling latex balloon!


Please Note: Although we, at Best Balloons, are all trained balloons professionals we don’t offer a balloon decorating or inflated balloon delivery service but you will be able to find a local balloon company who does at N.A.B.A.S..

Welcome to Best Balloons

Best Balloons has been trading online since 2000 so we know which balloon is best for any occasion or situation and we are always happy to talk through your ideas and requirements.

Balloons come in all shapes and sizes but our best selling ranges are the plain latex, especially the large round 2ft and 3ft diameter.

Balloons are made from natural latex, foil and the new stretchy plastic bubble balloons which are completely round like the latex balloons opposed to the foil balloons which are flatter. There are also lots of pre-printed designs available for numerous occasions, amongst other we sell engagement balloons, wedding and christening balloons as well as prints suitable for all the different seasonal events and themes that we all celebrate.

Latex balloons are biodegradeable and the only ones that should be used for balloon releases. When released they should never have anything attached to them other than maybe a natural uncoated race ticket so as not to have any impact on our precious environment. The balloon industry has spent a lot of time and resources trying to educate the public on the importance of doing a balloon release the right way (fully inflating latex balloons so they go high enough into the air that they shatter into thousands of tiny non threatening pieces) but it has failed and people are still releasing underinflated balloons, latex balloons with ribbons attached, in bunches and even foil balloons are being released which will never break down in the elements and will continue to be a threat to our planet for years to come. As a result of this Best Balloons has made the decision to stop selling balloon release nets. This was done with regret because a balloon release is a lovely sight to see, and they have raised a lot of money for charity, we also know that there will still be people selling nets that have no such concerns for the environment and our wildlife but we can't continue to be seen as a part of the problem.

What We Do Sell

  • Latex Balloons
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Balloon Weights
  • Pumps and Inflators
  • Drop Bags and Nets
  • Hi Float